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Schroders plc is a British multinational asset management company, founded in 1804. The company employs over 5,000 people worldwide in 32 locations around Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Headquartered in the City of London, it is traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

A former contractor shared his experience, "Schroders is a terrible place - Couldn’t organise their way out of a paper bag! No direction and people were just in it for themselves".


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Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Negative approach in meetings by some attendees."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Many of the advertised benefits are purely theoretical, with nobody actually getting them. Medical? No. Training? No. You try and get access to these? You'll suddenly be hated by management and at the top of their firing line. There's a weird hybrid of "every man for themselves" culture mixed with an old boys club."

Current Employee - Operations says

"Pay, bad canteen, boring Xmas party"

Former Employee - Manager says

"old school and wooden. not a company moving to be flexible for staff"

Current Employee - Operations says

"Although beautiful setting, office out of town so not convenient for lunchtime shopping if needed. Management are Not people managers. They have absolutely no idea how to motivate or encourage. Very economical with the truth at interview over hrs and evening working. No plan, chaotic management lots of knee jerk reactions"

Current Employee - IT Support Technician says

"Dead beat line managers scared in turn of their own managers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1) you have to be a certain type to fit in, the type tend to be people who have to be there for a long time and you would not challenge how things are at present, even when things are still stuck in the 80s 2) Some seriously absurd behaviour is tolerated by management if the person being absurd is in that "gang". 3) Blackbox environment -- nothing is ever explained, they just are because certain people likes it this way and nothing is up for discussion 3) this is the only company I worked in that never examine any mistakes they made and try to improve -- instead a million excuses were made to justify the outcome 4) if you enjoy playing politics and just want a job where no one will challenge you by all means join, you will feel right at home"

Current Employee - Investment - Equities says

"Culture focussed on sales and brand, not investment. Faction mentality encouraged by management (whilst talking about collaboration) to play people off against each other in very political way. Awful integration of acquisitions. Very dishonourable behaviour from senior leaders, presumably due to pressure from above. Absence of thought leadership and short-termism from managment quite shocking given the potential. Treats juniors (grads) terribly, in some cases, despite highly selective hiring programme. Lack of any accountability by management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As mentioned in many of the other reviews there has been increase in unexceptable behaviours from mostly the senior management recruited in the last few years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People who have been there a long time have an awful attitude Rude behaviour is accepted by senior management One message one day, complete different message the next Leadership do not know their backsides from their elbows Blame culture is part of every day life, watch your back If your face doesn't fit, start to look elsewhere (you'll know pretty quick)"

HR Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Good culture but a huge amount of change going on at the moment which makes for a very busy place to work. It is a very flat structure and there is little career advancement that takes place and stress levels high.Good benefitsLittle career advancement"

Billing analyst (Former Employee) says

"Working at Shriners was quite stressful I was constantly given tasks that nobody else wanted to. I felt this mainly due to the fact that I was contractor. There were certain job functions that I couldn’t do again it was because I was a temp and could only access certain things therefore, I had to ask someone with access to help with certain tasks. That person only ever helped if she was in a good moodPay was goodNo career advancement, no job security, contract was randomly ended when they longer need you"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Nice people although very cliquey. Nice staff restaurant but gradually getting more expensive. No clear career progression - very flat management structure. Nice offices."

IT Delivery Manager for Data IT for Schroders (Former Employee) says

"Change initiatives are reshaping the culture and work environment."

Trevor says

"Not one single picture either by myself or with the people I was with made it to the website. Extremely disappointed."

NS says

"Unable to download bulk photos. Please improve gallery website."

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